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A web site for fans of the American Wild West: Western stories, articles, color photography, graphics, sounds and western products available for sale. There's a directory of western associations and suttlers, a current events calendar, a newsgroup, western movie files and much more.


This was the Classic Oldwest Online site (oldwest.com) out on the World Wide Web way back in 1994 when HTML was written by hand and the idea of “columns” was just beginning to be defined. It was back when all files had to be very small so they could be downloaded through 28.8 modems and one had to write databases your yourself (The data bases are no longer working on this Classic site, they reside on the Windows XP server that we built ourselves.) This site was running back when file names could only be eight characters long, and no one knew what kind of revenue model to use; do you charge a fee to enter a website, try to convince people to advertise on your site? It was back when Bill Gates said he didn’t believe the Internet had a future (and of course, he didn’t invest in it and has remained behind ever since). This site was laid out to work on the small 5-inch screen of the original 1984 Macintosh! A new oldwest.com is in the works with thousands of photos and over 800 “files” of original content with blogs so you can add your own thoughts and historical bits of information about the American West and the American Western. A book is already available for sale that collects the first 740 pages of oldwest.com. It’s a great reference book for any western fan and would save you hundreds of sheets of paper and toner. You can purchase it at:

lulu.comHappy Trails, Don Kirk, 2011